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Educational Activities

The Festival is also

For the youngest !

School, middle and high school : there is no age to discover and appreciate cinema in all its forms, Un Festival C’est Trop Court! offers every year a special program adapted to school children. During the week of the Festival, in mid-October, students from the Nice Academy can attend screenings, workshops or conferences with their teachers. Those ones can download an educational file that will provide detailed information about the films and topics covered.

The Film Day

Over the years, the Film Day has become the unmissable event for young audiences during the Festival. Once again this year, the DAAC (Academic Delegation for Artistic and Cultural Education) is associated with the event, marking this day at the crossroads of the EAC and Avenir programs. This day is now thought as an initiatory journey, which promotes meetings about works, professionals and cultural places for a school audience.

On the program, short films screening accompanied by a presentation and a debate, followed or preceded by a meeting between students and film professionals. An opportunity for young people to discover audacious and unpublished cinematographic works, the often unknown professions of cinema and thus inspire, perhaps, future vocations.

The Festival workshops
Editing workshop with the Mashup Table

This introductory workshop offers to highlight a very often unknown stage of a film process : editing. The Mashup Table, a tool specially designed for image education by Romuald Beugnon, promotes a creative approach of editing by abolishing technological constraints. This involves manipulating image and sound maps on an interactive table. The playful aspect of these workshops is also based on the collective practice of assembly with several hands and ears.

Film Photography Workshop

This introductory workshop offers to discover the magic of film photography, from shooting with the help of the photographic chamber to development in the laboratory.

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