Heliotrope is a not-for-profit cultural organisation who works towards short films promotion and
imagery education.



Created on January 15th, 1997, Heliotrope is an audiovisual not-for-profit organisation that promotes “films of less than an hour” in Nice. Organizer of “Un Festival c’est Trop Court!” the rendez-vous of the young European creation, it is also a flagship structure of image education in schools, colleges and high schools within the Alpes-Maritimes Department.

See and show movies. The object of the association in favor of short films is still the same since 1997. Each year, UFCTC expands the circle around this founding idea, hoping to fertilize minds and moods with character and emotion. In 2020, the Festival takes off for its 20th anniversary.

Directeur artistique d'Héliotrope



Main axes: Un Festival C’est Trop Court! in October, La Fête du Court Métrage in March and the image education workshops all year round.

Un Festival C'est Trop Court!

Héliotrope organizes since 2000, the European Short Film Festival of Nice, Un Festival C’est Trop Court!

This is a festival with 4 short film competitions (European, Animation, Experience and Short from here).

Scheduled every year for a week in October, it has become a must-see for local townspeople but also an opportunity to get to know European avant-garde cinema and the great directors of tomorrow.

This Festival is unique on the French Riviera for this kind of film, classified category 1 by the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée).

Projection grand format en collaboration avec l’artiste niçois Julien Ribot pour la soirée d’ouverture du Festival en 2017 : 4 000 personnes ont participé.
En 2019, la Fête du Court Métrage a été réalisé en ligne en fonction du contexte sanitaire, mais le public d'Héliotrope a été fidèle : 6 000 inscriptions pour les visionnages des films "à la maison".


La Fête du Court Métrage is a national event held every year throughout France and internationally to promote films of less than 59 minutes.

A total of 35 ambassador cities participate with flagship associations that help with the organization. In the Alpes-Maritimes, Héliotrope is committed to set up animations accessible to as many people as possible and go to meet moviegoers or neophytes, young audiences, families and enthusiasts of the 7th art.


Approved by the Ministry of National Education and by the Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Heliotrope not-for-profit organization conducts image education workshops for children from kindergarten to High School in the Department.

Distant and/or vulnerable audiences also participate in the projects in a cinema approach accessible everywhere and for all.

Considered as real learning and reflection supports, these workshops are carried out throughout the school year by a team of professional speakers.

Restitution des ateliers et visionnage des films réalisés par des collégiens pendant leur formation, au cinéma Mercury à Nice.

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